metaverse : The Real Time 3-D Virtual Internet, or Metaverse as Stephenson dubs it, the evolution of a virtual reality based Internet.An electronic representation of a real world environment, populated by real people and programs (known as bots or deamons). Within such an environment it is possible not only to interact with the scenery as you would in real life, it is also possible to interact with other system users in 3D real time. [metaweb]

And paraphrasing William Gibson : a consensual hallucination…


territories : the domain of property and ownership; no territorialization without a vector of leaving the territory, deterritorialization, and there’s no leaving the territory, no deterritorialization, without a vector of reterritorialization elsewhere.

making a territory, it is not merely a matter of defecatory and urinary markings, but also a series of postures, a series of colors (that an animal takes on), a song (un chant). These are the three determinants of art: colors, lines, song – art in its pure state. [Overview of “The ABC’s of Gilles Deleuze” prepared by Charles J. Stivale]

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