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Intentions of Metaverse Architecture

July 18, 2006

This blog will take various builds in Second Life (SL) as examples to generate, structure and clarify my own thoughts on : a) what it means to have an architectural idea in the metaverse; and, b) how is architectural space fabricated from (im)materials. I’m using SL because I think it happens to be the most adequate metaverse space for this because :

  1. all content is user generated;
  2. there is an enormous amount of time, effort and good intentions that go into these builds –in other words, people take what they do here pretty seriously;
  3. while most content is built by non-professional architects, artists, graphists, new-media artists, sculptors, animators etc… I think there is a large, visible and engaged community of people educated and experienced at building. The clash is an interesting one.

I know from experience that the time, effort and perseverance necessary to build something meaningful is enormous. My intention is not to be “critical” of other SL resident’s builds that I’m using as examples, but rather to be critical and constructive in terms of the ideas that they inspire in me.